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Updated: Feb 5

In December 2023, Flags and Honor of Minnesota again purchased and delivered poinsettias to local veterans who live at Chaska Auburn Manor, Carver Senior Living, and Good Samaritan in Waconia. Each Holiday Season, our members are pleased to give these beautiful symbols of Christmas, goodwill, and community spirit to such deserving...and appreciative people! 

This year, the gesture went just a bit deeper, to include another generation of military veterans who live in our community.   

Chaska is privileged to be the home of Chuck and Theresa Hill. Chuck, retired Navy IC2, and Theresa, retired Navy AZ3, are currently raising a young family of two daughters. The oldest, Kenzie (pictured), plays club softball for the Minnesota A's and has also committed to play for the University of Wisconsin – Stout. One of the Minnesota A’s major fund-raising events happens to be...selling poinsettias during the Holiday season!

Flags and Honor of MN were delighted to purchase 52 poinsettias from Kenzie, in support of the Minnesota A’s Holiday fund raiser. Giving a gift during Christmas to local veterans, while also supporting local veteran’s children is something uniquely special.  

Another of the Poinsettias went out to Steve Walker, our Carver County Veteran’s Service Officer, and his staff. They are invaluable partners to Flags and Honor of MN in finding projects and vetting local veterans in genuine need of assistance. 

Chaska’s VFW and Legion clubs were also adorned with the beauty of Christmas poinsettias this season.  

Thank you to all who support Flags & Honor of MN making it possible for us to carry out our mission. Thank you for serving, Chuck and Theresa, and thank you Kenzie, for your hard work. We are confident you will continue to inspire other girls/women in this community and beyond! 

All Flags and Honor of MN members hope that you and yours had a blessed 2023. Wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2024 for all!  

Would you like to join our organization!  

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